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AFU School of Music

Investing in future headliners

All Folk'd Up is proud to have given many talented, aspiring artists their first chance on a festival stage.


Our School of Music Program is an audience chosen artist competition, where applicants take part in one of our open-mic events in order to compete for the opportunity to open AFU2022. 

2022 'School of Music' Open Mic Nights coming soon. 

2019 AFU'School of Music'
Artist Lineup

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Lester Samonte

SATURDAY JULY 6TH, 12:30 TO 12:50

     Lester Samonte is an amateur Filipino solo artist who grew up in a musically inclined family and inpired him to find his own sound. He's been doing small gigs around small communities alongside with his siblings. His competitive nature led him to who he is now.

    He likes to join and perform in an open mic and that's how he got a spot to perform in The All Folk'd Up Festival. This is going to be his first ever performance with a much bigger crowd. And surely, not the last.

    You will be singing along and dancing with the rhythm when he starts playing his guitar and loop pedal.


Jim Brown


12:30 TO 12:50

Jim Brown is a singer and guitar player from Montmartre, Saskatchewan.


Zoe Dubois


1:00 TO 1:20

Zoe is an aspiring musician from very-small-town Saskatchewan. She enjoys songwriting, playing guitar, and moonlit walks on the beach. Zoe is moving to Victoria after graduation and studying music performance through the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

Check her out on:

Instagram: @zoeduboismusic Youtube:

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1:00 TO 1:20

Music has been Alfredo's passion since he was a little Kid. He studied music at the NATIONAL SCHOOL OF ARTS in Havana ,Cuba where guitar ,piano, musical composition , harmony, and music editing were strong components of his curriculum. His music includes Caribbean rhythms and tunes , Latin american rooted styles ,reggae, salsa, samba, cha cha, country and some rock. He is a poet, author, a music teacher and a performer.

Playing Guitar

Brad Brown


1:30 TO 1:50

Brad Brown is a singer-songwriter from Sedley, Saskatchewan.

2019 School Of Music Flyer


2018 Winners

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