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      The seed was planted when in 2007, the Fournier and Deringer sisters, both families with roots stemming back to Montmartre, but at the time living over 4 western provinces, went on a little road trip. Their destination was The Winnipeg Folk Festival.

     The six women were overwhelmed by their experience; a weekend of being steeped in music, camaraderie, and culture.

      Having recently visited Montmartre Saskatchewan, Marie Anne was inspired to one day bring such a festival to Kemoca Regional Park, adjacent to her hometown. When in 2008 Marie Anne relocated to Montmartre, she called on her old WFF travel companions, and the seedling began to sprout.

     In July of 2010, the dream came to fruition with the 1st Annual All Folk’d Up in Montmartre Folk Festival taking place to a small crowd of approximately 350. With community members and old hometown family and friends returning as volunteers, it came together to everyone’s delight.

     Now as the festival is going into its 12th year of production the number of performances has increased to over 15 that span various musical genres and styles. The Festival Committee plans on selling over 1000 tickets this year and strives to find innovative ways to promote the wonders of rural Saskatchewan and the incredible talent pool that they have lined up this year.

All in all, life is good. Share the experience!

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