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Get to Know the AFU School of Music Program

This is the second year of AFU's very own "School of Music" program. Spearheaded by AFU Artistic Coordinator Tyler Cruikshank, this year School of Music is even bigger and better.

School of Music is the accumulation of several open-mic events held throughout the year in the communities of Montmartre and Kipling. Singer-Songwriters, solo artists, and bands at all stages of their musical journeys have the opportunity to showcase what they have to offer. The audience then judges (anonymous ballots) the presentations and following the final event help in April the scores are tallied and 5 artists/bands are chosen to perform at AFU 2019, with free day passes, prize money and bonus giveaways available!

Contestants can try out several times, and audience members are welcome to get up and perform while not putting their names in the competition.

Last year our winners, Makaroni and 7th Avenue, made their festival debut's at AFU, having never performed in front of crowds of that size. Both groups included youth at the beginning of their musical careers and they were welcomed at AFU with open arms.

7th Avenue Band

AFU has always valued our fortunate position as a small-town festival to support local talent, as well as, promote artists at every step of their career. This is just another way AFU can stay true to the values and morals that make their festival such a special event.

School of Music events are held, twice a month, starting at 6pm every 1st Saturday at the Sister's Bistro in Montmartre and every 3rd Saturday at LJ's PitStop in Kipling. We hope to see you there!

If you are interested in being a contestant, please contact Tyler at

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