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Day 18: Curtis, Bonnie and Family

Curtis and Bonnie’s journeys have taken them from coast to coast, throughout Canada and into the USA, including nine extensive Maritime tours and two West coast tours.

The family’s presentation is both playful and soothing with a sensitive blend of vocals, piano, bass and acoustic guitar, violins, cello, ukeleles, percussion and drums.

Together with their eight children they have a diverse and captivating ministry, shining Jesus’ wherever they go.

Their music is ear-tagged by its authenticity – as they love to write in a variety of styles – such as Celtic, Contemporary, Worship, Blues, Jazz, Children’s. They have released a collection of seven CDs which highlight their musical journey as a family. Some of these recordings have received multiple nominations for the CGMA awards, Vibe Awards and Covenant Awards.

The four oldest Heidi, Meka, Alonzo, and Peter, have recently started a youth worship band called "Outset" which is quickly gaining momentum.

While not touring, the family resides on an acreage near Carnduff, Saskatchewan.


See CURTIS, Bonnie AND FAMILY at AFU on Sunday July 10 during our Cowboy Service


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