Jeffery Straker

Singer-songwriter-pianist Jeffery Straker performs over 100 shows per year across Canada and abroad. He has recorded for CBC radio’s ‘Canada Live’, had a music video chart in the top 10 nationally and has toured internationally as far as Peru, Chile and Mexico. Canadian Musician Magazine has said, “Very much an artist to watch” while the Chicago Free Press has written, “Rufus Wainwright, as well as k.d. lang are among the Canadians making essential and beautiful music. Add the name Jeffery Straker to that list”. Listeners are indeed taking note. A significant recent career boost came from winning the prestigious Vina del Mar (Chile) song competition in 2014, representing Canada. Performing live to a festival crowd of 20,000 people and to a TV audience of 100,000,000 viewers across the Spanish-speaking world he gained a fan following in Latin America.


Jeffery launched his latest collection of songs, “Dirt Road Confessional” in May 2017 (Acronym/ Universal). The 12-song album put a folk-roots stamp on his singer-songwriter-piano sound with dobro, banjo, & steel guitar entering the mix. Thematically the work is rooted around stories of a musician’s life on the road constantly taking the traveller away from ‘familiarity’, juxtaposed against the human desire for stability and lasting love. The work debuted at #5 on the iTunes Canada singer-songwriter charts and has been played on CBC Radio 1 and 2 (nightstream) as well as college/community radio across the country. CBCmusic has also added several songs to their “Canadian Songwriter” stream. Critically, comparisons have been drawn to Harry Chapin, Kris Kristofferson as well as a young Billy Joel but on Dirt Road Confessional his personal storytelling style stands out distinctly as his own. In addition to extensive cross-Canada touring the artist recently completed a European tour and continues to perform throughout Canada. 


Originally from small town Saskatchewan, the classically trained pianist was raised by a church organist mother and auctioneer father. He swears he was born under the piano on the family farm. All this might explain his incredible ability to share songs with audiences.
 Jeffery is a musical descendant of Beethoven through teacher-student lineage (see his website for the full story). He was a student of the Royal Conservatory of Music and received his licentiate diploma in piano performance from Trinity College, London when he was just 19.