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LJ Tyson


Mitchell Makoons (He/Him) is a Roots/Rock musician from Brandon, Manitoba. Mitchell started playing guitar at the age of seven to accompany his grandfather and brother playing Metis fiddle tunes. Mitchell continues to be an active member of the Manitoba Metis community. The songs Mitchell writes incorporate traditional Ojibway music and culture with modern influences.


Mitchell Makoons was formerly known as Mitchell Mozdzen. In early 2021 he decided to change his stage name to something that nodded to his Ojibway heritage. Makoons is an Anishinaabemowin word that means “Little Bear or Bear Cub”. Since Mitchell Mozdzen’s spirit name is “Standing Strong Black Bear” and he is only 5foot 5inches, this name is perfectly fitting.

Mitchell Makoons Feb 2023-2 (1).jpg


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