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Micah Walbaum


My name is Micah Walbaum. I am 19 years old. I have grown up in music and have sung my whole life. I play multiple instruments such as fiddle, guitar, piano, and a little bit of accordion and percussion. The year of 2019 was a big year for me as I started putting my music out into the world.

I write lots of originals and love singing many genres, especially country and folk music. I won third place in the Proudly Saskatchewan Singing Contest in 2019 as well as the Fred King Most Promising Artist Award. I also won the youth bursary award in 2020. I released my first single in August 2022, “Hard Enough”. Was a finalist in the 2023 Next Big Thing Competition and currently am playing in Justin LaBrash’s band as the fiddler! I hope to take my music career to the next level and find some great opportunities in the future. 



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