Blake Berglund

Blake Berglund's fresh style of country music is unpredictable, intelligent, genuine, and a pleasant surprise, given his hard-rock/pseudo metal background. His grassroots approach has earned him a reputation as 'the guy who sold 10,000 CDs door-to-door.” Raised in the Moose Mountains deep in Saskatchewan's south east corner, Berglund took his early childhood responsibilities of tending to 200 head of horses as the education needed to base his music career around hard work and cultivating relationships.


Berglund's newest album is set to be released on Friday, September 1, 2017 through his independently owned and operated, Oceanman Records. Described as an allegorical concept record about the 'breadth of the human experience', the ten track album explores spiritual based themes, alternative beliefs, and universal truths. Inspired by the teachings, observations and research of Thomas P. Fusco, Dr. Rick Strassman, and authors Joseph Campbell and C.S. Lewis, Realms follows an ancient story-telling archetype and is riddled with patterns, puzzles and nuances.